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Our Farm

Florida Growers - Just As Nature Intended

H&H Greens has five generations of Florida farmers working and growing for you. We are looking to make the past proud and the future bright for the next generation of Florida farmers. 

We grow a variety of greens and cut our products to meet the needs of our clients, wholesale and retail alike. 


PS, We LOVE Florida agriculture.

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Family First

Meet Monaca and Tanner Campbell, two of the people at H&H Greens that keep the foliages beautiful and growing for you. Each person at H&H Greens has a role that contributes to the quality of the product that your customers will hold in their hands and we don't take that responsibility lightly.

Our Products

We grow a wide variety of the best quality foliages Florida has to offer. Including the Leather Leaf Fern, Magnolia Trees and seasonal varities too. 

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